Vincent Moon wins Sound and Vision Award 2009 at CPH: DOX

11th Nov. 2009

Vincent Moon wins Sound and Vision Award 2009 at Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH: DOX ) for La Faute des Fleurs.

A very moving film about a true artist! I can’t remember the last time I saw such a beautiful documentary. This is what we said when we presented the award at the show Saturday night:  The jury sat in the cinema together. As the film ended, the silence from having experienced something unique and complete, left us for a while with no words. Filed by emotions – nothing to add. Then someone whispered in the dark ‘I think we have a winner’ and the rest of us agreed on the spot.

This is a film that goes beyond musical taste, and right in to the human soul.

The filmmaker leads us with his precise and sensitive camera through a beautiful, poetic and ruthless journey of a man driven to create by his inner demons.

It’s skillfully edited, fluid in structure but still with a narrative voice. It gives the insight to an inspiring artist, and the man behind the art. And respectfully reveals the pains and consequences for living as an outsider to the norms of society.

17th Nov. 2009,  Kenneth Nguyen

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