Screening at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle (26th Aug. 2010)

26th Aug. 2010
La Faute des Fleurs will be screened at  Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.

Thursday, Aug 26 at 08:00PM
Seeing La Faute des Fleurs is like being hit by a Japanese spaceship. After having been told by a fan about an incredible tale, Viincent Moon traveled to Japan to meet a 59-year-old Japanese folk singer and cult figure Kazuki Tomokawa, better known as “the screaming philosopher.” In the film, Tomokawa, who has performed in films by both Nagisa Oshima and Takashi Miike, loses it completely, burning bridges during a wild drinking spree, then reaching for another bottle instead of his guitar. This deeply moving portrait brings to life the flawed Tomokawa, bungled relationships, gambling habit and all.

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